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Intergenerational Dinner

The intergenerational dinner, brought together candidates form ''Place aux jeunes'' (PAJ) and municipal officials, gave a completely redesigned formula to the event. Indeed, for the year 2008-2009, the team PAJ Brome-Missisquoi changed the event into an happy hour evening. Thus, elected officials and candidates of PAJ Brome-Missisquoi could share appetizers and refreshments, and discuss about citizenship. If candidates of exploratory stay are looking for a better place to live, regional councellors are promoting their region and they are trying to develop a sense of belonging among young people with their MRC. This event was an ideal way to awaken the civic involvement of each party because friendliness and openness were there.

The new formula scored his first success on last March 20 , when the participants PAJ and municipal officials met at the Hotel de Cowansville.